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best way to switch from blogger to wordpress

How to Migrate your Blog from Blogger to WordPress

Step 1. First thing all you have to do is Purchase the Web Hosting and install WordPress on your webhost with the help of cPanel. You can visit to buy the hosting for your WordPress. Once the WordPress is installed on your host. Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Tools > Import.
Wordpress Import
WordPress Import

Step 2.
From the WordPress Import section, select the Blogger option to start the migration process. Once you select the Blogger option, it will ask you to install the WordPress plugin on your WordPress blog. Install the Plugin from your dashboard and Activate it.
Step 3. After that you have to authorize your blogger account with WordPress and tell Blogger to let WordPress access your account. So hit the Authorize button from the Page and sign in with your Blogger ID and password to start the process.
Step 4. After the Authorization process you can see the list of blogger blog on your WordPress Blog. From here select the blogger blog which you want to import to WordPress blog with post and comments. Now hit the “Import” Button to start the process. Within a few minutes all your Blogger posts are moved to your new WordPress blog.
Import Blogger to WordPress
Import Blogger to WordPress
That’s it now all your entire Blogger blog is moved to WordPress. Now next step is to redirect the blogger URL to your new WordPress URL.

How to Redirect Your Blogger Blog To WordPress

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This one is the most important part, follow this guide very carefully to redirect all your Blogger URL to WordPress. So you can’t lose your blogger traffic and Google rankings. The process is simple and take only two minutes, after that you can enjoy the blogging on your new WordPress Site.
Step 1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugin > Add new. From here you have to search for Blogger To WordPress Redirection Plugin. (This plugin handles traffic redirection part in a way that visitors will see be redirected from old post to same post on new blog on 1-to-1 basis) And install the “Blogger To WordPress” on your WordPress and activate the plugin.
Blogger To WordPress Plugin
Blogger To WordPress Plugin
Step 2. Once the Plugin is installed and activated, Go to WordPress Dashboard > Tools > Blogger to WordPress Redirection page. From here you have to generate the redirection code for your Blogger blog and paste that code in your Blogger template. First Click the “Start Configuration” button from the page and then “Get Code”
Blogger to WordPress Redirection Code
Blogger to WordPress Redirection Code
Step 3. Now go your Blogger Dashboard and open the blogger Template. Just paste the code into that text box and hit the save button.
Paste Code On Blogger Template
Paste Code On Blogger Template
Step 4. Now go back to Blogger to WordPress Redirection plugin area and click on the Verify Configuration button to check your one-to-one redirection from your Blogspot posts to WordPress posts.

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