Thursday, June 6, 2013

great news from australia coral sea

Great news for the Coral Sea

Great news from Australia, as the House of Representatives voted yes to moving forward with plans for the Coral Sea Marine Reserve.

This follows the Coalition (the opposition party in Australia) giving notice that they would move to disallow the Coral Sea and other marine park management plans. The government brought on a debate on the issue and the House voted yes to the Coral Sea Marine Reserve and yes to other new marine parks.

The OceanElders have been campaigning hard to raise awareness on this issue and it was a pleasure to be in Australia recently to receive the first ever Global Ocean Protectors Award from the Australian Government on our behalf.

We wholeheartedly support the Australian government’s commitment to the network of marine parks. It is perhaps the most important thing that this government has done while in power, and a wonderful lasting legacy.

However, if the current government lose the next election, it is vital that any new government does not undo all the good work by overturning these decisions in the future.

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