Sunday, October 27, 2013

salman khan favoring tanisha and arman even they are wrong but they are salman's chamchas | salman khan big boss 7 showing bad favorism for tanisha and arman

salman khan in bigboss sath 7 favoring a wrong side tanisha and arman indeed they are wrong and bashing n being bully on khushal and gohar by doing this salman has lost his popularity in his fans also very huge responses on that are comming against salman khan.

salman khan was trying to justify abusing language of arman kohli even praising him for saying sorry to kamya arman used to abuse bigboss used to abuse almost everyone in bigboss house in every week. than there was no point in sorry because arman repeats this abusing language he pushes apoorva always bully with everyone not ready to any work or any task but he is rite in the eyes of salman khan because he is big chamcha of salman khan and arman kohli is in bigboss season 7 on wish of salman khan.

tanisha pushes 4 times to  khushal  and this is nothing in front of salman khan because she is another chamchi of salman khan a jerk. and always a drunken guy. tanisha there is nothing to justify tanisha on pushing then doing it again n again and salman khan a jerk is not seeing it as bigboss is also fake he should immediate kick out tanisha on being physicall.

salman said kushal said chamya to vivek. then what happen wen several times arman said chamak challo
and many things as he abused alot. he is bu yest to them thats clear.

bigboss 7 is looking fake and gonna loose their viewership after this big injustice by salman khan and bigboss. salman should not host bigboss 7 because he is jerk bully fake flirt and has nothing to do with rite and wrong . this drunken guy favors wrong people who are his blue eyed

salman should not be in bigboss boss after yesterday very bad behaviour.

now bigboss is looking fake as they are not taking action  against armaan and tanisha which required to do now. 

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