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how paper is prepared | how paper made by trees

Paper from trees
Image Credit: Flickr User Horia Varlan, via CC
Every now and then you hear an adult saying  “Don’t waste paper” or “Recycle paper”  to save trees. Don’t you think what has paper got to do with trees? That’s because paper is made from trees. Sounds strange? Here is how.
All the wood in the trees is mostly made up of fiber. Paper is made by processing the wood and its fiber. It all starts by cutting down trees. The logs are then sent to a paper factory.
In the factory, at first the bark is peeled off from the trunk. Then the wood is chopped into very small pieces. The wood pieces are then boiled with water and few chemicals until they turn into a slushy, mushy pulp.
This pulp is then poured onto a fine wire mesh where the pulp stays on the top  of the wire mesh and a lot of water from it drains out. The thick pulp remaining on the wire is then squeezed between felt-covered press rollers to absorb extra water.
rolls of paper
Image Credit: Flickr User hans s, via CC
After that yet again, pulp mat  passes through hot rollers many a times until it is completely dry. And guess what we get then? Paper rolls are out!!

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how to get free google play credit its free grab it | how to earn free google play credit simple

Yes, Google will give you money and you don’t even need to sell your soul. Google just wants to hear what you think by getting you to fill out surveys with their Google Opinion Rewards app for Android.
First install the Google Opinion Rewards which is available for free from the Google Play Store. You’ll have to set up the app first by filling out an initial survey which will then be used to decipher which kinds of surveys you will have to answer down the road, there will be one per week, each one differing in length and content. After answering the complete survey, Google will then credit your balance which you can then redeem on the Google Play store, including apps, books, games, movies, music and more. You can make up to 1 USD for each survey.
androidpit google opinion
© AndroidPIT
You will receive notifications informing you when a new survey is ready for you. Some users have commented about the nature of these surveys, some being political, others about your movie tastes, so it seems to be chosen quite randomly. When checking out the website for this service, it advertises it to businesses that then create their surveys, which they then use to figure out target audiences. The results are accumulated in a matter of days. Businesses must pay per question or per custom survey starting at 2K USD. So basically, you, the survey taker, are an anonymous contributor that helps companies find out more about what people want and think.
This app is only available in the USA for now, but perhaps it will arrive in other countries at a later point in time.

transform ur tablet into a pc

Having an Android tablet is great, there are such a variety of favorable circumstances contrasted with utilizing a cell phone: diversions are such a great deal more enjoyable to play; you can read books and magazines agreeably and also alter reports and watch motion pictures calm. Here are some other cool things to do with your Android tablet, other than your normal uses. Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 Universal 01

Transform your tablet into a PC

Furnishing your tablet with the characteristics, capacities and extras of a PC transforms it into a super smart phone with one thing your conventional machine doesn't have, a touchscreen. To begin with, you require the essential embellishments: a console and a mouse. There are numerous Bluetooth consoles and mice for a mixed bag of costs accessible. Consoles generally accompany a stand also. Feel free to get the old mouse from your PC and attachment it into the USB port of your tablet.

Concerning programming, you can multitask much the same as when utilizing your Windows or Mac machine with gliding applications. There are truly a couple of requisitions that will do this, for instance Overskreen Floating Browser, Tiny Apps, Floating Youtube Popup Video, Airterm and Quickly (Widgets). At last, utilize your desktop remotely on your Android tablet with VNC Client applications like Phonemypc, Slashtop and Teamviewer. Microsoft offers its own particular free Microsoft Remote Desktop application.

fact about indonesia in simple way

Borobudur Temple in Indonesia.
From DiDunia:

Unique facts that Indonesia can flaunt to the rest of the world

Stop bragging about other countries and pay more attention to our own beloved country. Despite having many issues and lagging behind advanced countries such as the US or UK, Indonesia is still considered one of the most important regions in the world. Here is the evidence of cool things Indonesians can be proud of:
1. The oldest hominid in the world, Pithecanthropus Erectus, is found in Indonesia. Its origin is dated way back from 1.8 million years ago.
Java Man, Pithecanthropus Erectus, one of the world's oldest homids.
2. 20% of liquid natural gas in the world is produced in Indonesia and [Indonesia] is the largest supplier worldwide.
Indonesia is a major producer of cloves and nutmeg and ranked first in the world in terms of production.
Indonesia is the largest exporter of plywood, which makes up 80% of the supply to the world.
Percentage of World Mangrove Area by Country, 2005
3. Indonesia is the world’s richest in term of most extensive coral reefs. It has about 18% of the total coral reefs around the world.
Coral Distribution Map.
4. Indonesia has the largest number of shark species, which is approximately 150 species.
Shark species in Indonesia.
5. Indonesia has the world’s largest amount of orchid biodiversity. There are about six thousand species of orchids, ranging from the largest (Tiger Orchid or Grammatophyllum Speciosum) to the smallest (Taeniophyllum, which has no leaves). The collection also includes the Black Orchid, which is extremely rare and can only be found in Papua.
6. Indonesia has the largest mangrove forest in the world. The main benefit of mangroves is to prevent erosion by sea water.
Mangrove distribution map.
7. Indonesia has the only living ancient dragon, Komodo, which can be located in NTT.
Komodo dragon.
8. Indonesia has the world’s largest flower called the Rafflesia Arnoldi, which has a diameter of up to 1 meter during the blossom phase.
Rafflesia Arnoldi, largest flower in the world.
9. Indonesia has the world’s smallest primate named the Tarsier Pygmy (Tarsius pumilus), also known as the Mountain Tarsier, whose length is only 10 cm. This animal looks like a monkey and lives on trees found in Sulawesi.
Tarsier Pygmy, smallest primate in the world.
10. Indonesia has the world’s longest snake called the Python Reticulates, which is 10 meters long and can be found on Sulawesi island.
Python Reticulates, world's longest snake.
11. Indonesia has the smallest fish in the world named the Paedocypris progenetica, with a length of 7.9 mm and found in a Sumatra muddy swamp.
Paedocypris progenetica, world's smallest fish.

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red bell chilli pepper helps to improve ur immune system

Red bell pepper is bursting with vitamin C, making it a powerful immune builder.

Red bell pepper’s high level of beta carotene turns into vitamin A, making it a strong defense against disease. Although green and yellow peppers are certainly healthy, they’re more superfoodish. Although they both have similar amounts of vitamin C, red bell peppers have quite a bit more of the superstar beta carotene.

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where to fly kite | how to fly old kite | how to fly a kite | learn how to fly kite

Where to Fly

Pick the Right Place to Fly a Kite

Pick an open, treeless range. Trees or structures upwind can cause ground turbulence and make your kite hard to start. Downwind, these "kite consuming" snags can cause turbulence that lures kites. Mounts might be incredible spots to fly kites. Remained on the windward side to dodge turbulence made by the slope itself.

The extent to which Wind Do You Need to Fly?

By and large less than you might suspect. Assuming that you don't have a wind meter, utilize the Beaufort Scale to judge the wind. Most kiteflying issues are brought on by not matching the kite to the wind. In the event that your kite circles and plunges while pulling hard at stake, attempt letting out line. Assuming that that steadies it, yet just incidentally, the wind is excessively solid for it. Attempt including a tail for additional drag. Recall, a tail may as well include drag not weight. In the event that your kite wobbles and neglects to climb unless you continue pulling in line, the wind is excessively light. A few kites could be balanced for the wind (see beneath). In the event that that doesn't work, attempt an alternate kite or fly on an alternate day.

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Getting Ready

When Flying Your Kite Get Your Flying Line Ready

Assuming that you purchased mass line, exchange it to your reel, utilizing the Slip Knot to join it to the reel. A snap swivel makes it simple to associate line to your kite and keeps tangles out of your line. When you have a swivel, attach your line to it with the Clinch Knot. In the event that you don't have a swivel, attach the line to your kite with the Bowline Knot.

When Flying Your Kite Get Your Kite Ready

Read its guidelines and amass it inside first to perceive how its carried out. A few kites, particularly Boxes, could be confounded to collect. Read the tips underneath for distinctive sorts of kites. When you've got your kite and line primed, perceive How to Launch and Fly Single Line Kites.

Delta Kite Tips

Verify that the wing competes are pushed the distance out to the wing tips. Assuming that there are two openings on the bottom, connect your line to the easier gap in light winds and the upper opening in stronger winds.

Deltas are light to direct wind kites. In the event that your delta pulls hard and circles or swoops, the wind is excessively solid. Adding tails makes deltas less demanding to start and fly in breezy winds. Make certain to keep the kite symmetrical, include tails at the core or just as to each one side. Don't connect tails to the bottom.

Tips for Dragons, Diamonds and Box Kites

Append your line to the circle on the harness. You can conform your kite for stronger or lighter winds by moving the harness circle. Determine the production line setting is checked before you move the circle up 1/2" for solid winds or down for light winds.

Tails are required for most precious stone kites; box kites incline toward unfaltering winds, and Mylar® Dragons will keep going longer when you dodge solid winds.

Tips for Airfoil Kites

Append your line to the harness circle. Harness conformity is not suggested with airfoils. Rather, match your tail to the wind. A streamer tail could be fine in moderate winds, however you may need to change to a drogue tail (picture) in solid winds.

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Step by step instructions to Launch

Starting a Kite

To start in great winds, stand with your once more to the wind and hold your kite up to get the wind. Let line out just as quick as the wind lifts the kite. In the event that the wind calms, pull in line to make your kite pick up elevation.

In light or windy winds, a high-begin launch can get your kite up to steadier winds higher up. Have a companion hold your kite 100-ft. on the other hand all the more downwind from you with the line extended tight. The point when your partner discharges the kite, reel in line to make it climb.

Running is the hardest approach to start a kite. The uncontrolled tugging hanging in the balance makes kites plunge and accident. Let the wind and your reel do the work.

Step by step instructions to Fly Your Kite

Line taking care of gives you a chance to control your kite when its flying. Look after an unfaltering line strain to keep it flying equitably. Take in line to move it in the course its indicating. Let out line to transform its bearing. Play with it. It's fun!

Likewise utilize the line to keep as a part of touch with your kite. Assuming that the line goes slack, the wind has calmed. Reel in line to moderate the kite's plunge. Assuming that the draw on your line increments, verify whether a blast is initiating your kite to circle or plunge. Let out line to help it recuperate or diminish its arriving. Continuously leave some line on your reel for unforeseen blasts.

In the event that your line goes head to head with an alternate kiteline, hold your line consistent and stroll at the other flyer. The tangle will move down the lines with the goal that it could be fixed.

Arriving Tips

In moderate winds, only reel in your kite gradually, stopping if an excessive amount of strain makes it circle. With a hard pulling kite, walk it down. While a companion holds the reel, put the line under your arm or hold it with a gloved hand and stroll at the kite. This acquires it without expanding the obvious wind speed.

Winding in Your Line

Keep in the ballpark of pressure at stake when winding it in, as approximately wound line has a tendency to tangle. The point when winding onto a spool with your hand, turn the spool over every once in a while and wind in the other bearing. This keeps the line from being bent such a variety of times that it tangles.

Never battle to reel in your kite. Reeling in line under solid pressure could harm the reel. In solid winds, walk your kite down or pull the line in with your gloved hands, while moving around to abstain from heaping up line in one spot. At that point wind the line onto your reel

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pakistn two seperate squads for asia cup and icc t20 cup 2014 | Pakistan announces separate squads for Asia Cup and World T20 2014 | pcb annouces two different squads for icc t20 and asia cup

PCB has reported two differentiate squads for the Asia Cup and World T20 competitions 2014 to be held in Bangladesh.

Rawalpindi – Lanky Pakistan paceman Mohammad Irfan was let well enough alone for Pakistan's 15-man squads during the current month's Asia Cup and one month from now's World Twenty20 after a repeat of a hip damage, selectors said Friday.

Irfan — the tallest ever man to play global cricket at 7 feet one inch — broke his hip in Pakistan's Twenty20 arrangement against South Africa in United Arab Emirates in November a year ago.

On the other hand, his recuperation demonstrated fleeting when the damage repeated in a down home competition this week, inciting boss selector Azhar Khan to say Irfan must be let alone for the squads.

"Irfan was forgotten as he fell harmed again and he needs some time for recuperation," Khan told news people while affirming the squads.

The Asia Cup will be held in Dhaka, from February 25 to March 8. Plus Pakistan – the protecting champions – India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and has Bangladesh will additionally participate in the occasion.

The fifth release of the World Twenty20 with 16 groups in rivalry will additionally be held in Bangladesh from March 16 to April 6.

Misbah-ul Haq will lead the one-day group while Mohammad Hafeez will be Twenty20 chief.

There were reviews for left-given batsman Fawad Alam and paceman Mohammad Talha in the one-day squads while wicket-guardian batsman Kamran Akmal got one more risk in the Twenty20 group.

Alam, 28, played keep going of his 27 one-day internationals in September 2010.

Shoaib Malik was additionally incorporated in the Twenty20 squad in the wake of being withdrawn from the tour of South Africa in November a year ago because of harm.

"Kamran and Malik will offer experience to the group for the significant occasion," said Khan.

Kamran played keep going of his 50 Twenty20 matches in South Africa in March a year ago.

Batsmen Asad Shafiq and Haris Sohail lost their one-day puts in the wake of being some piece of the squads for the arrangement against Sri Lanka a year ago.

Squad (Asia Cup): Misbah-ul Haq (capt), Mohammad Hafeez, Ahmed Shehzad, Sharjeel Khan, Sohaib Maqsood, Shahid Afridi, Umar Akmal, Fawad Alam, Anwar Ali, Bilawal Bhatti, Junaid Khan, Umar Gul, Abdur Rehman, Saeed Ajmal, Mohammad Talha.

Pakistan Squad for Asia Cup 2014

World Twenty20: Mohammad Hafeez (capt), Kamran Akmal, Ahmed Shehzad, Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Malik, Saeed Ajmal, Umar Gul, Sharjeel Khan, Sohaib Maqsood, Junaid Khan, Bilawal Bhatti, Sohail Tanvir, Umar Akmal, Zulfiqar Babar, Moham

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wat is vps hosting | why u need vps hosting | answers about vps hosting | vps hosting details

wat is vps hosting 

VPS facilitating is a kind of web facilitating that uses Virtual Private Servers. In spite of the fact that the sites are facilitated on the same physical machine, VPS permits every site to be completely free as though every were on its own divide machine.

How VPS functions

The most effortless approach to imagine how VPS function is to utilize the condo similarity. Every virtual server, or "compartment", on the machine is like a condo suite. You can introduce any programming you like or restart your own particular compartment without influencing alternate compartments on the machine, much like how you can revamp your suite without influencing the others.

On an imparted facilitating server, issues with one site may cause the whole server to go down, bringing on the greater part of alternate sites on that server to run down with it. This might not happen on a VPS machine in light of the fact that just the risky holder might go down, however alternate compartments might be unaffected.

Additionally, some high movement sites in an imparted facilitating environment may hoard the sum of the server's assets, therefore initiating different sites on that server to be inaccessible. This might not happen on a VPS machine as every holder might just utilize the assets that are distributed to it.

Why use VPS Hosting?

VPS is incredible as it slips in fantastically and crosses over any barrier between imparted facilitating and devoted facilitating administrations. VPS will provide for you the autonomy and adaptability of a devoted facilitating administration, yet at the cost of a high-end imparted facilitating administration.

For clients whose sites have outgrown their imparted facilitating administration however can't exactly bear the cost of a committed server, VPS facilitating may be the best result.

wat is vps hosting | why u need vps hosting | answers about vps hosting | vps hosting details