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fact about indonesia in simple way

Borobudur Temple in Indonesia.
From DiDunia:

Unique facts that Indonesia can flaunt to the rest of the world

Stop bragging about other countries and pay more attention to our own beloved country. Despite having many issues and lagging behind advanced countries such as the US or UK, Indonesia is still considered one of the most important regions in the world. Here is the evidence of cool things Indonesians can be proud of:
1. The oldest hominid in the world, Pithecanthropus Erectus, is found in Indonesia. Its origin is dated way back from 1.8 million years ago.
Java Man, Pithecanthropus Erectus, one of the world's oldest homids.
2. 20% of liquid natural gas in the world is produced in Indonesia and [Indonesia] is the largest supplier worldwide.
Indonesia is a major producer of cloves and nutmeg and ranked first in the world in terms of production.
Indonesia is the largest exporter of plywood, which makes up 80% of the supply to the world.
Percentage of World Mangrove Area by Country, 2005
3. Indonesia is the world’s richest in term of most extensive coral reefs. It has about 18% of the total coral reefs around the world.
Coral Distribution Map.
4. Indonesia has the largest number of shark species, which is approximately 150 species.
Shark species in Indonesia.
5. Indonesia has the world’s largest amount of orchid biodiversity. There are about six thousand species of orchids, ranging from the largest (Tiger Orchid or Grammatophyllum Speciosum) to the smallest (Taeniophyllum, which has no leaves). The collection also includes the Black Orchid, which is extremely rare and can only be found in Papua.
6. Indonesia has the largest mangrove forest in the world. The main benefit of mangroves is to prevent erosion by sea water.
Mangrove distribution map.
7. Indonesia has the only living ancient dragon, Komodo, which can be located in NTT.
Komodo dragon.
8. Indonesia has the world’s largest flower called the Rafflesia Arnoldi, which has a diameter of up to 1 meter during the blossom phase.
Rafflesia Arnoldi, largest flower in the world.
9. Indonesia has the world’s smallest primate named the Tarsier Pygmy (Tarsius pumilus), also known as the Mountain Tarsier, whose length is only 10 cm. This animal looks like a monkey and lives on trees found in Sulawesi.
Tarsier Pygmy, smallest primate in the world.
10. Indonesia has the world’s longest snake called the Python Reticulates, which is 10 meters long and can be found on Sulawesi island.
Python Reticulates, world's longest snake.
11. Indonesia has the smallest fish in the world named the Paedocypris progenetica, with a length of 7.9 mm and found in a Sumatra muddy swamp.
Paedocypris progenetica, world's smallest fish.

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