Monday, February 24, 2014

how paper is prepared | how paper made by trees

Paper from trees
Image Credit: Flickr User Horia Varlan, via CC
Every now and then you hear an adult saying  “Don’t waste paper” or “Recycle paper”  to save trees. Don’t you think what has paper got to do with trees? That’s because paper is made from trees. Sounds strange? Here is how.
All the wood in the trees is mostly made up of fiber. Paper is made by processing the wood and its fiber. It all starts by cutting down trees. The logs are then sent to a paper factory.
In the factory, at first the bark is peeled off from the trunk. Then the wood is chopped into very small pieces. The wood pieces are then boiled with water and few chemicals until they turn into a slushy, mushy pulp.
This pulp is then poured onto a fine wire mesh where the pulp stays on the top  of the wire mesh and a lot of water from it drains out. The thick pulp remaining on the wire is then squeezed between felt-covered press rollers to absorb extra water.
rolls of paper
Image Credit: Flickr User hans s, via CC
After that yet again, pulp mat  passes through hot rollers many a times until it is completely dry. And guess what we get then? Paper rolls are out!!

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