Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Interesting cruise industry facts, tidbits & statistics

cruise industry
facts, tidbits
& statistics

More than 10,000,000 people take a cruise each year. About 80% will do it in North American waters.
Ports of call
There are over 2000 ports of call around our planet that cruise ships can visit.
Most popular starting ports
About half of all passengers on major world cruise lines begin their trips in one of these three Florida ports: Miami, Port Canaveral, and Fort Lauderdale.
Most popular destination
More people cruise to the Caribbean than any other destination in the world.
For some cruisers, the ship itself is the primary destination, not the ports of call.
Cruise length
The average length of a cruise is slightly over seven days.
Cruise ship population
There are more than 300 sea-going cruise ships in the world. They can collectitvely accommodate over 300,000 passengers per day.
Individual capacities
The latest super-sized ships carry over 4 thousand people (counting passengers and crew). They would dwarf the Titanic and are as tall as a sixteen-story building.
Construction cost
Those gargantuan ships can cost a cruise line a half-billion American dollars before the first passenger boards.
The big three
Today, 3 cruise line groups (Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Star/NCL) control roughly two-thirds of world's cruise passenger capacity.
Travel agents
Almost 90% of cruise tickets are sold through travel agents.


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